About us

Our Heritage

We are the Swedish shoemaker. A family company rich in heritage and knowledge about shoes. We have been making shoes since 1945 counting four straight generations. We focus on making great shoes in natural materials. A commitment to quality that dates back decades when Ragnar Karlsson expressed his statement ”No damn garbage!”. More than 70 years later, the world has changed. The footwear industry have changed. But the promise made by Ragnar has not.

No damned garbage
Ragnar Karlsson - Founder of KAVAT

Our Mission

We aim to minimize the ecological footprint, by creating long-lasting sustainable shoes. Sustainability doesn´t just come from the materials being used, but also from the quality, design and great fit.

Our Passion

We love quality. We love good design. We love the way our shoes get better with age. We think today´s sustainable fashion is about clothing or footwear that continues to be relevant - that can be worn over years to come.

What brought us here will not get us there

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe in genuine craftsmanship combined with modern technology. This is how we are turning our old shoemaking traditions into new. Making our history our future. There is a lifetime experience in every pair we make.
Walk Carefully on Mother Nature


For us, shoes are not just something you have on your feet. That's what makes you down to earth - What could be better than a pair of shoes that are durable and made with respect for our earth? Walk Carefully On Mother Nature. To us, shoes are not just something you put on your feet. They are what grounds you to the earth - and what could be better than shoes that are eco-friendly and made with respect for Mother Nature?

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