Although we are flexible, we need basic rules

In the text below you can read our full terms and conditions, but here is a brief summary of the fine print: We have these terms set up to optimize the cooperation between us, and to tell you in a transparent way what you can expect from us. These terms are updated from time to time, so it is important that you read through these before you shop.


These general terms and conditions apply to the purchase of products from Skofabriken Kavat AB (organization number: 556736-4814) hereinafter ("Kavat") via the Internet (e-commerce). Kavat is the selling party and you ("the customer") is the buying party. The terms are adapted for sale to individuals who are 18 years of age.

At  www.kavat.com we make deliveries to all countries within the EU. It is easy to place an order. Kavat receives your order once you have completed the payment through Klarna's checkout. When Kavat has received your order you will receive a confirmation message to the e-mail address you entered when ordering.

A binding purchase agreement takes effect once our order confirmation message is sent via e-mail to you. The terms of sale presented on this page constitute part of the Agreement. Kavat will contact you immediately if we are unable to deliver the order you have placed. Should this happen, we will try to offer an alternative solution or reimburse you to the amount of your order.


All prices are listed in Swedish crowns (or in Euros if selected) and include Swedish VAT, currently at 25%. We reserve the right to change our prices because of changes in VAT rates.

Unclaimed shipment fee
If you, the customer, do not collect an order as agreed, we will charge you a fee of 200SEK / 20€ including VAT. This fee is necessary for us to be able to cover costs for return shipping and handling. Please note that failure to claim or collect an ordered shipment does not automatically constitute the canceling of the purchase.

We accept card payments and invoice purchases through the certified payment service Klarna. Klarna is one of the world's largest online payment solutions and is seamlessly integrated with our site. We reserve the right not to handle credit card orders if we consider that there are reasonable grounds for doing so. The order is then removed and the order amount is refunded and / or the invoice canceled.

Read more about Klarna's full terms and conditions here: www.klarna.com/se/villkor/.

Kavat begins executing the Agreement when you as a customer receive an e-mail with the order confirmation. Kavat has fulfilled its part of the Agreement when you have received complete delivery of ordered products to the nearest postal representative according to the specified postal address. Completion from you as a customer has occurred when you have paid in full and retrieved your shipment.

Deliveries are made by PostNord and delivered to the nearest postal representative. Kavat does not send orders during the weekend holidays.

For deliveries within Sweden:
For orders over SEK 200, no shipping will be added.
For orders under SEK 200, a shipping fee of SEK 50 will be added

For deliveries outside of Sweden:
For order over 100€, no shipping will be added.
For orders under 100€, a shipping fee of 15€ will be added.

Delivery time:
We always try to ship your order within 1-2 business days. In case of a SALE the goods are shipped as soon as they are back in stock. In the case of total sales, this is communicated via email.

The right of return is valid for 30 days from the time you took out your shoes from the postal representative, which means that the return must have been sent within 30 days of the pick-up. The shoes must be returned in the unchanged condition in original packaging and in the same or similar bag in which the shoes arrived. KAVAT will refund and / or cancel the invoice as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after we have received the return. Please note that gift cards are non-returnable.

According to the Distance and Home Sales Act, the withdrawal period is 14 days. This means that by law you have the right to cancel your purchase and return the item or notify us that you intend to return the item within 14 days of receiving your item. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you need to return or inform us that you will return the item within 14 days of receiving it and that the item is kept in a substantially unchanged condition. You have the right to withdraw by leaving or sending us a notice of this within the cancellation deadline (2 kap. 9 § och 13 § distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (2005:59.) You are then obliged to return the product to us.

Please note that products manufactured or modified specifically at the customer's request or which have otherwise received a special mark are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

We recommend that you return the shoes back through public and/or DPD connected postal service, or with a courier who delivers to the door.

If an approved complaint is made, no deduction is made for the return shipping.

When returning products to Kavat, the products must be packaged in such a way that they are protected during transport. Kavat, therefore, requires that you always pack the product.


If you, as a customer has purchased a product as a private individual, you are entitled to claim the product if it is incorrect according to the Consumer Purchasing Act (1990: 932) and the Consumer Services Act (1985: 716). The right of complaint covers errors of origin and is valid for three years from the time you received the product in your possession. The right of the complaint also covers errors that occurred during the transport of the product to you. (see Transport damage complaint below). A product that deviates from what has been agreed between you and Kavat or otherwise shows errors may also be considered incorrect. Faults that have occurred as a result of damage that you have caused are not to be seen as faults of origin.

If you claim a defective product after six months from receiving the product in your possession, you are also responsible for proving that the defect in the product was original. Kavat, therefore, always recommends that you check products when they are delivered and report any errors as soon as they are discovered. In the case of a complaint of a faulty product, you as a customer are primarily entitled to have the error remedied, or replaced. In some cases, you also have the right to cancel the contract and get back what you paid. In the event of an approved complaint, you must be held harmless for any costs incurred as a result of the claim. For example, the cost of returning an incorrect product should be reimbursed by Kavat. Note that you, as a customer, should minimize any expenses that may arise if a product proves to be incorrect.

Contact information for complaints:
Email: support@kavat.com

Kavat should always be contacted before returning the products.


This policy concerns how Skofabriken Kavat AB (organization number: 556736-4814) hereinafter ("Kavat") , handles your personal information. We protect your personal integrity and treat your personal information in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations for data protection. 

Who is responsible for your personal information?
Skofabriken Kavat AB, Box 101, 692 22 Kumla, Sweden, finance@kavat.com is responsible for the handling of your personal information and is done in accordance with the applicable legislation. 

When do we treat your personal information?
Kavat gathers and treats your personal information so that you can purchase products/services or contact us, for example, during service. If you register as a customer of Skofabriken Kavat, we will treat information such as buying history. 

Which personal information about you do we treat?
The personal information that Kavat gathers about you as a customer and treats are the following:

Name and personal number or organization number.
Telephone number and E-mail
Payment information
Customer number
Account information
Buying history

For what purpose do we treat your information?
Skofabriken Kavat treats your personal information to:

Conduct and uphold our obligation and commitment to you as a customer during purchasing, invoicing, customer service matters and service matters
Supply our services and handle customer relations
Provide you offers and information via newsletters and the website
Offer you different payment options
Follow existing legislation and accounting laws

The legal ground for treatment
Skofabriken Kavat treats your personal information in accordance with existing legislation and we do this when necessary to fulfill an agreement with you or when there are other legitimate reasons to treat personal information. It can concern sending out newsletters or an offer via the website, for example. In this case, Skofabriken Kavat would treat your personal information, which according to prevailing legislation requires your consent before we can begin this information treatment. 

How long is your personal information saved?
Skofabriken Kavat saves your personal information as long as it is needed for us to fulfill the purpose that the information was collected for. Skofabriken saves the information as long as existing legislation requires it. Skofabriken can also save the information to watch over legal interests, such as a judiciary process. 

Who do we give the personal information to?
Skofabriken Kavat can leave your personal information to a third party, such as a supplier of card and communication services, as well as a credit-rating agency when applying for credit during a purchase. Skofabriken can give personal information if this necessary to follow existing laws or governmental requirements, so as to safeguard Skofabriken Kavat’s juridical interests or to prevent fraud. We do not sell personal information to a third party. Skofabriken Kavat is free to change this integrity policy. We will then, in good time, notify this change and you have the right to terminate the agreement if you do not approve of the change. 

Security for the protection of personal information
The security surrounding your personal information is important to us and we have therefore taken measures to protect this information. Skofabriken Kavat is responsible for your personal information being treated in accordance with existing legislation. Skofabriken will, at your request or our own initiative, correct, supplement or anonymize information that is detected to be incorrect, misleading or incomplete. 

Right to request your personal information
You can free of charge request an extract of the information we have saved about you.

You have the right to correct erroneous information.

You can request to have your information deleted or anonymized if Skofabriken is no longer obligated to keep it for the purposes it was collected for. However, there can be laws and government requirements that prevent us from immediately deleting your personal information, such as for accounting or tax legislation. 

For question, please contact us:

Skofabriken Kavat AB
Radiogatan 2
692 71 Kumla 

E-mail: finance@kavat.com

The purpose of the information

All information on Kavat.com, regardless of its format, is published solely for informational purposes for visitors to be able to use the site. Kavat does not assume responsibility for any consequences that may arise if this information turns out to be faulty or is used for other purposes than the ones mentioned above.

Fake orders and fraud
Any fraud or fake orders will be reported to the police. IP addresses will be logged.
Kavat always abides the recommendations of the Swedish Public Complaints Board.

Please contact us at support@kavat.com if you have any further questions regarding these terms.

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